Elevate Your Brand with Engaging Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Dropsz is the premier digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising network that puts your message front and center in high-traffic locations. Our innovative network of wall-mounted hand sanitizing kiosks is strategically positioned in retail, fitness centers, restaurants, and healthcare facilities, ensuring your brand's message reaches your target audience exactly where it matters.

Our digital screens turn everyday habits into memorable marketing opportunities, creating connections that drive results. Whether you're a local business aiming to expand your reach or a national brand looking to make an impression, Dropsz has the solution for you.

Our digital out-of-home screens are more than just technology – they're conduits for connections that matter.

Our rapidly growing DOOH network guarantees exposure to a diverse and engaged audience. Your brand's message will be showcased inside local independent businesses, capturing the attention of visitors in venues where footfall is consistently high.

Doctor’s Office & Pharmacy

Inspire well-being and trust with Dropsz’s screens placed in doctor’s offices and pharmacies. Reach your audience in a setting of care and expertise, making your brand an integral part of their path to wellness.

Gym & Fitness

Engage health-conscious individuals at the heart of their wellness journey, reinforcing your message in an environment that resonates with their goals.

Cafe & Restaurant

From cozy cafes to bustling eateries, connect with food enthusiasts and social diners, ensuring your brand becomes an essential ingredient in their dining experience.

Whether you're a brand seeking to amplify your reach, a media agency driving impactful campaigns, or a local business enhancing your customer experience, Dropsz offers


Whether you’re a local business or a national brand, Dropsz offers a platform that propels your message to new heights. Connect with your target audience right where they are, harnessing the power of strategic placement and digital engagement.


Monetize your space by hosting a Dropsz kiosk. Earn additional revenue while enhancing your customers’ experience with engaging digital content.
Showcase your promotions, offerings, and announcements in a way that resonates with your audience, creating a lasting impression.
Become a vital part of your local community by providing a platform for brands to connect with customers and vice versa.

Past Partners

Partnering with Dropsz means more than just advertising – it’s a journey toward reaching your brand’s full potential. Our white-glove service allows you to focus on what truly matters: connecting with your audience in a captivating, contextually-relevant and brand-safe environment.

Partnering with Dropsz means more than just advertising – it's a journey toward reaching your brand's full potential. Our white-glove service allows you to focus on what truly matters: connecting with your audience in a captivating, contextually-relevant and brand-safe environment.

Our Network

Network capabilities:

Sensitive advertiser categories (cannabis, political, etc.) accepted in some locations.

Why partner with us?

We believe in empowering you to choose what suits your goals best. Our network offers flexible buying terms, ensuring that you can tailor your campaign to your unique needs and budget.

No Network Minimums

Whether you're a small business with local aspirations or a national brand with grand ambitions, we're here to support your journey. At Dropsz, we have no network minimums, making our DOOH advertising accessible to all.

Programmatic or Direct Buy

Embrace the power of choice with Dropsz. Select the approach that aligns with your strategy – programmatic for precision and automation, or direct buy for a white-glove experience.

Proof of Play Reporting

We believe in transparency. With Dropsz, you'll receive detailed proof of play reporting that provides insight into the reach and impact of your campaign.